Vandersanden is Europe’s largest family-owned brick producer of facing bricks, clay pavers, ECO brick slips and facade solutions.

Brick Innovation + Inspiring Architects = Design Greatness

Much More Than Just Another Brick In The Wall

The Challenge

How best to bring these messages to life and demonstrate that, in the words of Vandersanden, Together, We Build Greatness?

A brand better known on the continent but now a growing presence in the UK, Vandersanden is renowned for the sustainability, innovation and craftsmanship at the heart of its extensive range of high-quality bricks.

“Wildwood supports Vandersanden incredibly well. They know how to reach out to architects working with our brand and bring them on board as part of our PR and communications strategy. They find the right words and imagery for our stories which result not only in great, inspirational testimonials, but also in an excellent reach and positive response from the market.”

Roland Classen

Marketing Manager | Vandersanden

Our Solution

We focused on inspiring building projects designed by leading architects who placed Vandersanden bricks at the centre of their design vision.

Kicking off this collaborative campaign, we interviewed, filmed and photographed Stafford Critchlow, director at prominent London firm, WilkinsonEyre. We captured the motivations, design passion and aesthetic choices behind the selection of Vandersanden’s Anicius bricks on WilkinsonEyre’s prestigious City Law School project. 

We then created a comprehensive range of marketing assets to showcase this powerful partnership online and in print.

Work with us and be inspired