An Inspiration In Ireland

How to make a noise in a busy marketplace to celebrate the availability of a new series of heat pumps? Invite the key stakeholders to a fun evening, at an iconic venue, with great food, drink and entertainment – as well as the first chance to get hands-on with the new kit….

To answer this brief for long-standing client Panasonic Heating & Cooling, we successfully managed the launch of Panasonic’s ground-breaking K & L Range of Aquarea A2W heat pumps in Ireland. The packed event was held on June 14, 2023, at the iconic Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, and marked the introduction of the Aquarea K & L Generation to the Irish market.

Strategic Marketing + Iconic Venue = Resounding Success

Event Highlights

The launch event, hosted at the Gravity Bar, featured a preview of the new Panasonic Aquarea K & L range, a tour of the legendary venue, and a vibrant atmosphere with food, drinks, entertainment, and photography. VIPs from Panasonic, including Hiroshi Komatsubara (Head of PHVAC Europe) and Jose Alves (Country Manager, UK & Ireland), added prestige to the occasion.

Choosing the Guinness Storehouse, in St. James’ Gate Brewery, Dublin, added a touch of history to the evening. The Gravity Bar, with its 360-degree view of Dublin city, offered a stunning backdrop for showcasing the Aquarea K & L Generation products.

The recent Product Launch in Dublin is a brilliant example of Wildwood’s intelligent approach, hard work and focus to help us deliver a hugely successful and very enjoyable evening.  It was a real team effort and the feedback we received from our guests was overwhelmingly positive.

Jose Manuel Alves

Regional Director of United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands | Panasonic Heating & Cooling

Product News Making Connections Generating Leads

Marketing Strategy

This Launch Project focused on maximising the impact of the availability of the new generation of Aquarea heat pumps, now available in Ireland

  • Event Details: our compelling page facilitated registration for available tickets
  • Invitations: created with embedded links, encouraging attendees to share the invite with their contacts
  • Pop-up Banners: 12 strategically placed pop-up banners highlighting the K&L series, R290 ECOi W, and TV incentive
  • Digital Promotion: solus emails and reminders were sent via various channels, with LinkedIn posts further increasing visibility and engagement
  • Branded Giveaway: branded Guinness glass served as a memorable giveaway, aligning with the venue’s rich brewing history

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