European Partner Summit

We embarked on the ambitious task of organising and managing the inaugural European Partner Summit in 2023.

The primary objectives were to cultivate and fortify relationships with key partners across Europe, position Absen as a thought leader, and curate an exclusive event offering both inspiration and valuable industry insights.

Meticulous Planning + Memorable Location = Impactful Event


We were tasked with supporting Absen Europe in creating, planning and managing the first ever European Partner Summit to deliver on the following objectives:

  • Build and strengthen relationships with key partners across Europe by holding an informative, exclusive event to inspire
  • Bring together high-level partners from across Europe, to share industry insights, to inspire new projects and as a thank you for on-going support

“This event wouldn’t have taken place without the Wildwood team! From prior research, to joining site visits and sourcing artwork. The WW team are an extension to the Absen team and nothing is too much of an ask”

Jess Golding

European Brand & Marketing Director | Absen Europe

Turning Visions IntoReality Through Precise Event Planning

An Event to Remember

We spearheaded the inaugural European Partner Summit, aiming to forge strong relationships and create an enriching experience through knowledge-sharing and inspiration.

Our primary goals were to position Absen as a thought leader and valuable industry partner, create an exclusive collaboration platform, and express gratitude for the ongoing support from their partners.

Our role involved meticulous event planning and management. From conducting extensive location and hotel research to building a strong relationship with a local agent, our team worked diligently. We played a pivotal role in selecting appropriate venues during a preview trip to Madrid, securing hotel, restaurant, and entertainment bookings, and creating a comprehensive event planning board to keep progress on track. Managing guest information, travel arrangements, and dietary requirements were among our tasks to ensure a seamless experience for all attendees.

Beyond logistics, we took charge of conference programming and content design. We identified key topics, secured notable participants, such as AVIXA and invidis, and liaised with hosts, including Tom Clarkson. Our team also communicated with industry contacts for speaker opportunities, securing influential speakers like Ben Barnard and Stefan Schieker. From drafting brochure copy to collaborating with designers for presentations and table centrepieces, we ensured a cohesive and visually appealing event. Our commitment extended to the transportation of printed materials to Malta, ensuring every detail contributed to the success of the European Partner Summit.

Rest assured, we have event management covered…