In today’s challenging business climate, there has never been a better time to re-evaluate your brand and refresh your marketing strategy. Wildwood’s Lorraine Nugent recently took part in a Marketing Club webinar which shared expert advice on how organisations can elevate their brands and achieve their PR goals. Lorraine shares her top tips below:

1. Identify your business goals and define your USPs

Take a good look at your business and decide why the business exists, what product or service you are selling and who you are selling it to? Who else has a similar offering to you? Define what makes you different and set clear, measurable goals.

2. Listen and adapt – by knowing your audience and flexing your business model as needed

Listen to your customers (and potential new customers) to ensure that you understand the current market and know how to meet their needs today and tomorrow. Think about how you can swiftly adapt existing business models, make positive connections and develop trust.

3. Keep up to date with current trends and know how to engage with your target market

It is essential to target the relevant publications and platforms for your customer base. What do they read, watch and listen to? Are they networking online? Know which online tools they use eg LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, podcasts or webinars, so you are clear on how to reach them.

4. Develop a Strategic Plan of activity
Plan your content in advance and develop marketing materials that are useful, timely and targeted. Create content that will help you share your news with your customers – it could be a press release, brochure, e-shot, social media campaign or a video.
Become a reliable and regular source of information for your customers both online and offline but remember to keep a common thread, use consistent messaging and include a call to action.

5. Add Value – by providing your customers with meaningful content that’s of value to their business
Provide your customers with engaging, shareable content that’s of value, whether it’s informative, educational, news-worthy or entertaining.

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